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We are a team of young passionate energetic individuals with a Vision to make our company one of the best in the world.

Our team is made up of Doctors, Pharmacist and Business Executives sharing a passion of doing good work in our respective fields to give best results to our consumers.

We are constantly partnering with laboratories and manufacturing units all over the country to manufacture world class products.

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Our Firm is a Private Limited company established in 2020. We are collaborating with different pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing plants to innovate products with better healing power. 

At present we are mainly into marketing products that have wide demands but with limited availability. We strive to bring products of good quality at an affordable price.

We are a team consisting of doctors, pharmacists and business executives with a goal of making our company stand out in terms of product basket, quality, affordability and availability. 

Our team is constantly working with our laboratory and manufacturing partners to improve drug molecule function and costing.

Our marketing Office is in Kolkata, West Bengal. Our Laboratory and Manufacturing partners are present in different parts of the country like Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and others.

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